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  1. […] Uh uh, not me. I’m groovy, and I love America. I get to live here and read witty Eli Valley comics that make fun of those Jews with the use of nasty stereotyping because life here is so comfortable […]

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  2. […] American-Jewish cartoonist Eli Valley had already portrayed him in a series of cartoons as Israel Man. The resemblance is almost too perfect to be coincidental. What was for Valley a way of satirising […]

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  3. […] character also bears a certain resemblance to Israel Man, a character created by Jewish comic book artist Eli Valley as a sort of parody of the image of the […]

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  4. […] obsesión que llega a su punto álgido con la negación de la diaspora que sarcásticamente vino a retratar Ely Valley , obsesión que tiene cierta similitud con ciertos planteamientos antisemitas: “judíos, […]

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